Originally from the island nation of Trinidad & Tobago, Kara is an accomplished journalist, certified yoga teacher and veteran expat who has lived, worked and played in the United Arab Emirates for over a decade. Since leaving a full-time role as Fitness & Health Editor at Sport360 newspaper in 2013, she has worked on a freelance basis across multiple genres with many local publications, including The National, Explorer Publishing, Abu Dhabi Confidential, ShortList, Stylist and Abu Dhabi Foodies. In huge part thanks to her pilot dad’s family travel benefits, she has been lucky enough to really get out of her comfort zone and explore the world as a young, black, single female, and therefore hopes to use this space as a quirky forum to, not only document her passport-wielding musings and misadventures, but to also make use of that BA in Creative Writing acquired at Roehampton University to eventually collate and publish a short story collection inspired by these thrilling yet oft-times questionably sketchy solo pilgrimages. Maybe you can help with that? In that case, holler: krichellemartin@yahoo.com. If not, then I simply say welcome to my world on (and off) the web… and enjoy the show!